My Journey to the Light

I began my journey with photography almost a decade ago. I was taking a photography class to fill up my schedule in high school. I had been told it was an easy A and was better than a study hall. I was instantly intrigued by the amount of science involved and quickly started looking at the light that covers our world in a brand new way. Near the end of my senior year, my photography teacher approached me with my very first wedding job. I had never felt such a high as I would that day. The excitement of knowing you have just one shot to get it right while improvising the art was better than any sport or musical performance I had been apart of. The spark had been lit.

I went off to college, and while I wasn't pursuing a degree in photography, my camera never left my side. I started picking up small photography jobs here and there, so I began to get serious about the business side of photography. With a few hundred business cards and a simple website, Bosse Photography was born. I kept things somewhat informal for a long time, mostly shooting events for friends and family. I was continually seeking out new techniques and forms of expression, trying to grow my craft. I eventually decided it was time to pursue a formal education in photography. The spark had now become a fire.

In one year of college, my knowledge about photography had quadrupled. I studied fine art photography, photojournalism, and many more facets of the art. I pulled away from the business and let Bosse Photography start to dwindle. I was more interested in honing my abilities within a beautiful art form. I began to shape my light.

About two years ago I started looking at those old business cards. I missed the thrill of truly owning my own business and helping capture others' happiest moments. I decided that Bosse Photography needed to change, not because it was bad, but because I had changed. I decided to rebuild everything with all I had learned since that first wedding. After an intense month of planning, rebuilding, and a lot of soul searching, Bosse Photo was born. In the past year, I have opened a studio location and then closed it, realizing that my passion is not restricted within four walls, but uncontained where the moments are happening. Bosse Photo is in a constant state of motion, improving at every corner to provide the best service, the finest art, and the most worthwhile product it can offer.

Today, Bosse Photo is on the rise to becoming a premiere on-location photography provider. With a passion focused on capturing my clients' moments, I strive to take all the light around us and capture the emotion and warmth it brings to their style and their story!

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